We have seen some turbulent times in the financial markets, with instruments subjected to extraordinary movements. These movements aren't restricted to any single part of the market, it is affecting all instruments to some extent.

Market volatility is not always a bad thing; our Indices have seen huge ranges. The FTSE has fallen to its fifth lowest since it started and the Dow Jones fell over 600 points in one day. These types of moves offer a wide range of opportunities to trade.

In times of volatility our risk management tools (Limit & Stop Orders) are especially useful. With the ability to trade long and short you can potentially profit from bigger moves while still managing the risks involved. With all this volatility, get instant access to a range of markets and trading platforms from our PRO suite, maybe now is the time to diversify your trading portfolio.

Dax 30EUREX1.00%2
Dow Jones 30N/A2.00%3
Dutch 25LIFFE1.00%1
Hang Seng 33HFE1.00%10
Italian 40EUREX1.00%10
NASDAQ 100CME1.00%2
Nifty 50SGX1.00%5
Nikkei 225OSE/CME1.00%1
Russell 2000ICE1.00%1
S&P 500CME1.00%1
Spanish IBEX 35MRV1.00%6
Swiss 30EUREX1.00%4
U.S Dollar IndexICE1.00%10