Energy Futures price direction are dictated by a variety of events, from international politics, changing governments to simple supply and demand issues.

This kind of uncertainty leads to market volatility and therefore trading opportunities. The difference between Energy commodities and other commodities such as sugar and wheat is that Energy commodities are non-renewable sources.

These types of commodities are expensive to source out of the ground, each unit incurs greater production costs, to find, develop and bring to market.

With ever increasing macro environment issues, be it a war in the Middle East, a pipe line leak in the Gulf of Mexico or soaring demand in Asia price movements will occur across the whole energy mix.

Heating OilNYMEX1.00%3
UK Brent OilICE1.00%3
US Crude OilNYMEX1.00%1
US Natural GasNYMEX1.00%3